Boost your Organization's Productivity & Retention by conquering the STRESS EPIDEMIC in the workplace, with our Best In Class Stress Management and Resilience Group Training Program.

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Job stress is estimated to cost the corporate industry more than $300 billion in losses due to diminished engagement and productivity,

absenteeism, and accidents.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that an estimated one million employees miss work each day because of stress and this costs companies an average of $702 per employee every year.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. 

McLean & Company found that a disengaged employee costs an organization approximately $3,400 for every $10,000 in annual salary.

That's 34% of an employee's annual salary... more than a third!

This means that for an employee making $50,000 a year, at least $17,000 annually is deducted from your bottom line.

Just for that ONE employee. 

Assuming not all your people are struggling, if we add that figure up for even only 1/4 of your workforce, it starts adding up quickly.

And yet, this is an easily reducible cost!

Addressing this is a relatively simple and surprisingly quick way to add more profit to your business.

There's a solution!

The NSM Live by Design System is about each person taking responsibility for their own emotional landscape and learning how to mitigate their stress intentionally & proactively. At the end of the day, that’s good for the individualAND for your business.

If you’re interested in conquering the stress epidemic and having a healthier, happier, more productive team, schedule a call and take advantage of one of the simplest ways to positively affect your organization's culture and bottom line almost instantly.

Numbers Don't Lie!

These are just some examples of the hidden costs organisations like yours are facing:

Customers served! 0 % Job turnover due to stress
Customers served! ~ 0 % Cost of Replacing an employee (% of the salary)
Customers served! 0 Avoidable lost weekly work hours per employee
Customers served! 0 % Percentage of salary wasted by “quiet quitters”
Customers served! $ 0 Unnecessary absenteeism per employee

Avoid these unnecessary costs without wasting valuable time/resources while improving your bottom line and work environment in the process.

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How The NSM System Works

Step #1 - Customized Plan

We start with a discussion about your unique business and team needs.

NSM then builds a customized training program.

Step #2 - Pre-Assessment & Training 

Pre-training overall stress marker assessments are sent to each participant to get a pulse on the wellness landscape of your team.

Note: These assessments are completely confidential and sent directly to participants.

This is followed by weekly interactive training sessions. 

Step #3 - Built-in Accountability  

All of our training programs focus on creating lasting behavioural change.

That’s where the NSM accountability portal comes into play.

For the duration of the training, participants will have access to daily support, accountability and 1on1 private communication with the NSM team as they learn to implement and assimilate the tools from the learning sessions.

This is particularly important as each week builds on the next. 

Step #4 - Post-Assessment & Report

We end the training with a post-training reassessment with all participants to close out the professional development and celebrate the improvements they’ve experienced throughout the training.

We also provide an aggregate analysis and report to your leadership team with a personalized plan for ongoing success.

This ensures that your organization continues to reap the benefits of the training long into the future.

What People Say About The NSM Training

In an organization, when individuals improve, the organization as a whole also improves. This is what happened with the NSM training given by Cathy. Our people have acquired the tools to better understand the contributors to stress and how to remedy them in a way that is simple and accessible to all. This learning allowed our organization to face the same challenges we had in the past, but with a better attitude, better communication, and more resilience. This also gave us a common language to discuss stress and most importantly,  individual and group exercises to remedy it. So in a nutshell, the NSM training allowed for a better efficiency of the company. Thank you Cathy!

Michel Ouimet

Vice-President @ Route des Gerbes D'angelica (Quebec)

Our entire family signed up with Cathy for the NSM - Live by Design training.  The content was fantastic in terms of deliberately building in positivity to your life and the related physical health, mental well-being, relationships and emotional improvement benefits.  Cathy's authentic self allowed for a comfortable and safe environment to open up and take the first steps in making a better you by realizing that positive change starts with yourself.  I liked it so much that I hired her for my work team too! I would highly recommend Cathy both on a personal and professional level!

Darryl Pike

Project Manager @ Glencore (Ontario)

Working with Cathy was a great investment for me and my team. The tools we learned to use have been of outstanding help in these challenging times. Cathy´s approach is unique. She has the knowledge and personal experience to provide a well-rounded training.

Juan Manuel Diaz

Director Comercial @ Technopack Corrugados (Mexico)

This training is surprisingly simple and incredibly effective. Weekly, Cathy gives you things to work on, but it is easy to do and integrate into your life. This training can have a profound effect on your life if you are willing to implement it. This training is life-altering!

Tina Peds

Retired Teacher (Ontario)

About Cathy K. Bales

As an expert in stress management, I have been featured on Business Talk Radio, been a guest presenter at the Online Wellness Summit 2021, and a speaker on the health segment of Staples Spotlight Canada. 

More recently, I was one of the 25 expert presenters at the Online Lawyer Summit and a featured mindset coach at the 2022 Rewire2Relaunch EXPO.

When I started NSM for wellness, I wanted to make sure that my work not only benefited the individual but also the organization as a whole without taking up countless hours of time and resources.

If you are looking for a partner that will help your organization conquer the stress epidemic while benefiting your bottom line, schedule a call below and let's talk!


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  • Use a proven system to have a healthier, more productive workforce without a massive time investment or cost to the business.

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