Cathy Bales is your stress management mentor and expert

Meet your stress-management mentor

Cathy Bales is a stress-management mentor and owner of NSM for wellness. She is also a Functional Medicine Health Coach and HeartMatch Practitioner and Corporate Trainer. 

More importantly, she knows what feeling overwhelmed by stress feels like.

Cathy founded NSM for wellness to share the lessons that she's learned on her own 20-year journey of feeling better. As Cathy began working with clients, she developed an effective, repeatable process to help others "unlock" their stress and regain control of their lives.  

See Cathy in action

Cathy's mess has become her message because she's been through the stress struggle too. Now she's here a stress mentor for you and your team to guide you back to wellness, too.

Since launching her business, Cathy has been featured on Business Talk Radio, been a guest presenter at the Online Wellness Summit 2021, and a speaker on the health segment of Staples Spotlight Canada.

More recently, she was one of the 25 expert presenters at the Online Laywer Summit and a featured mindset coach at the 2022 Rewire2Relaunch EXPO.

Get to know her and her approach to stress management below:

Thriving within chaos

Cathy talks about mushroom coffee, Living by Design, Heart Connection, and calming the body and breathe in her interview with Kimberley from Fireside Stories.

Helping business leaders conquer the stress epidemic

Cathy breaks down the costs associated with unmanaged stress in the workplace and how to begin building resilience.


Cathy talks about the importance of shifting focus from the "what" to the "why" behind stress management and realigning with your purpose and vision.

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