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In an organization, when individuals improve, the organization as a whole also improves. This is what happened with the Live by Design training given by Cathy. Our people have acquired the tools to better understand the contributors to stress and how to remedy them in a way that is simple and accessible to all. This learning allowed our organization to face the same challenges we had in the past, but with a better attitude, better communication, and more resilience. This also gave us a common language to discuss stress and most importantly,  individual and group exercises to remedy it. So in a nutshell, the Live by Design training allowed for a better efficiency of the company. Thank you Cathy!

Michel Ouimet Vice President and Member Owner

Transformational...beyond my expectations! I was able to put into practice what I wanted for a long time; an inner calm and a more integrated understanding of the how to get there. It had a huge effect on me and also on the team. We've been wondering for a long time how to improve what remains to be improved in terms of group dynamics. It's concrete and effective. And Cathy’s personality, simplicity, depth, humility, knowledge of the subject and openness to using personal examples is truly inspiring. Thank you!

July Graham Psychoeducator and Member Owner

I'm a person with a calm exterior, but inside, I’m a bundle of nerves. These tools help me to pause for a few minutes and calm my heartbeat. This training improved my focus, self reflection and I’m better able to stay in the present moment. This has been transformational!! Cathy is dynamic and a very good communicator. The training went by so fast!

Nicole Dugas Financial Management

This course exceeded my expectations. I learned how to change my negative emotions, and stop ruminating for days on a situation that I hadn't managed well. I knew I had the power to change but I didn't know how and now I have simple tools that work.

Réjeanne Dussault Route Des Gerbes D'Angelica

This training provided many insights that help me on a daily basis. It helped me understand some of my emotional and reactive patterns. I now know how to stop a negative reaction and adopt a more positive and energizing approach more quickly and thus helping me show up better... I really liked Cathy’s approach and her dynamism. The content is delivered in a clear way which allows for a good understanding.

Yves Beliveau Route Des Gerbes D'Angelica

Working with Cathy was a great investment for me and my team. The tools we learned to use have been of outstanding help in these challenging times. Cathy´s approach is unique. She has the knowledge and personal experience to provide a well-rounded training.

Juan Manuel Diaz Director Comercial En Tecnopack

I enjoyed the training very much. I learned very helpful tools to lower my anxiety (I think anxiety was one of my most depleting and constant feelings that drained my energy bucket). I have also shared my journey with my family and friends. We even made a joke a few days ago referring to the "drama" glitch. I found very useful the accountability portal- and your daily feedback. It was a great tool for the course. I have been more introspective about my feelings and attitudes since that training. Hope we can meet someday!

Daniela Lopez Packing Engineer

I loved to see the group evolving together and that helped me to strengthen the bonds with them beyond work, in a more personal level. I now have a new toolbox which allows me to reconnect with myself, specially on draining days. I learned techniques which I can use through my daily journey. Also this training provided common  language for the people I work with that we can use when we need it, and without judgement. Cathy’s mentoring and support have been beneficial for our team since first session. I truly recommend to learn with her the technique and practicing it. By doing it, starting with yourself, you can have a positive impact in many more ways than expected.

MBA Sara Bautista Head of REDD office

This program really changed my day, my life and I’m sure even my relationships.  It's actually easy but no one show us the key until I met Cathy. She makes the difference, has the way that reaches the soul.

Tessy Balderrama  Tecnopack

Simple, but life changing concepts & knowledge, presented in an extraordinary manner by Cathy Bales.

Alfredo Díaz General Managers Tecno Pack Corrugados, S.A. de C.V

The sessions were dynamic and interesting. What I have learned can be applied in any personal and work life. I learned to be alert to my feelings and my surroundings. I also learned that I cannot change situations, but I can change the way I react. Learning hand in hand with Cathy is somewhat liberating, you finally discover that what you thought or felt was not so wrong as to why it happened. It helps you feel light, guilt-free, and attuned to yourself in order to contribute to a coherent environment.

Valeria Bustamante  Head of Prepress in Graphic Arts

I loved this training, specially the examples!! They made everything clearer. Now I am more conscious about my feelings and my reactions. I am willing to be the change for everyone around me. Cathy is a wonderful and powerful woman, always willing to share her knowledge and love. Thank you for helping me become a better person.

Steph Pelayo  Key Account Manager

I was stressed at work with important high profile projects and managing a home as a single mom with teenagers. I wasn't looking after myself well and was beyond tired and running on empty. I needed help to refocus on my health in a way that wasn't just one more thing I had to do. Cathy was instrumental in helping me manage my stress using the pillars of health so that I have been able to maintain a better balance on my own.

Christine C.  PMO Lead

If you want to learn how to take control over your emotions so that you can show up better personally and professionally, this is the training you want. It’s a game-changer!

Charlene R. Graphic Designer

I really enjoyed the workshops. Each time it was an amazing reset in the middle of my week, and it felt rewarding to learn new ways to call myself to attention and make connections between my thinking and my actions.

Alison G.  Marketing Director

This training will help you be more self aware and understand your current state of mind. You will learn how to control your emotions and transform stress & anxiety. Probably the best 4 hours of training invested in my life for self improvement.

Ishmael Client Solution Manager

If you are looking to make changes to reduce your stress levels and restore some happiness and vitality, this course provides simple, realistic, effective tools.  Doesn't require hours of class time and reading.  It isn't just talk - it's real.

Lynn S.  Project Manager

Our entire family signed up with Cathy for the NSM training.  The content was fantastic in terms of deliberately building in positivity to your life and the related physical health, mental well being, relationships and emotional improvement benefits.  Cathy's authentic self allowed for a comfortable and safe environment to open up and take the first steps in making a better you by realizing that positive change starts with yourself.  I liked it so much that I hired her for my work team too! I would highly recommend Cathy both on a personal and professional level.

Darryl Pike  Project Manager

Since the NSM training, I'm able to recognize when external forces are adversely affecting my reactions, and have a technique to refocus, and using this, I can perform better at both my work and in my personal life.

RH Engineer

Cathy has a gift of helping clients manage their stress, health concerns, work or family issues through her vulnerability & trusting approach, positive attitude,  and calm demeanour. Her training provides you with the strategies and tools to deal with, and overcome stress and challenges.  This provides a better frame of mind, improved health and well-being. I strongly recommend Cathy’s training!!

Sharon  Manager


I met Cathy at a time in my life when I was struggling with burnout and dealing with stresses in life. I felt lost, although I had been in counselling for months. Within weeks of learning the NSM Live by Design toolbox, I began to see results. Not only did I understand what was happening to me but I actually now have the tools to use every day. With practice and Cathy’s guidance, I became stronger and returned to work. I would highly recommend working with Cathy using her holistic approach to health. She is truly a genuine and kind person who has been a source of light in my world.

Nicole Habre  Teacher (Milton, ON)

What would you tell someone who was thinking of signing up for this workshop?
Do it! Cathy is awesome.  She is very knowledgeable, but at the same time, very relatable.  The NSM Live by Design toolbox is surprisingly simple and incredibly effective. Weekly, Cathy gives you things to work on, but it is easy to do and easy to integrate into your life. This training can have a profound effect on your life if you are willing to implement it. This workshop is life-altering.

Tina P. Retired Teacher (Collingwood, ON)

I've learned that I am able to overcome my anxious thoughts and change my baseline. Self work can often time be intimidating but Cathy provides a safe space and doable actionable items  

Samantha Kling  Account Administrator at Venture Capital 

The NSM training is useful not only for your personal life but also for your work life. It is a very fun and easy course with significant positive benefits.

I find I am much more mindful about my mentality, especially when I am getting "stuck in the negative". I also now have a useful vocabulary to use with my loved ones which I believe will help to facilitate more productive and loving conversations. I also have a better ability to calm my anxiety during my day - which is huge as a naturally anxious person.

Corissa Larson  Medical Receptionist & Transcriptionist

While participating in this program I learned helpful tools in dealing with my temper, my own narrative, and my overall well being. I am now more confident in who I am, and feel more in control of my emotions and happiness. I am very grateful to have learned the reasons behind the "5 pillars" and understand just how important they are to live life to its fullest potential.

I truly believe these tools will help me through my whole life. I believe that I am in a much better place and will have the ability to handle anything that the world throws at me. 

Lexi Pike  Student (Guelph, ON)

I think everyone can benefit from the NSM Live by Design training. We all have pin pricks, both professionally and in our personal lives. It's a good practice to help minimize stress and anxiety.

Marta Sales (Mississauga, ON)

I’ve actively worked on managing my stress levels for most of my adult life through various techniques. The NSM training provided an additional tool for my stress management toolbox. This science based approach on managing stress improved my stress response from where it was before. Cathy also provides best in class, timely responses to anything you don’t understand or are struggling with.

Shari Niles  Recently Retired Marketing and Operations Executive 

As a psychotherapist, it is essential that I am able to be present, aware and compassionate. Cathy's training has helped me to regulate my thoughts and emotions and, in many areas of my life, feel increased focus and energy. At 71, I am grateful for this! Cathy is very knowledgeable, committed and delivers the program clearly and with conviction. I highly recommend this program!

Sandra White  MSW RSW (Oakville, ON)

What aspects of the NSM training were most valuable to you?

Learning new techniques for dealing with life’s stresses and imbalances. Being accountable and practicing.

What results did you get out of your participation in this training? 

Understanding my heart, brain and body interactions. Learning what I could and could not control and what I could let go off. Learning coping strategies and awareness of my emotional bucket and life grid!

What would you say about this training to someone who was thinking of signing up?

Go for it! You will get maximum payback by participating practicing and doing the homework! It is well worth the work!

Lesley Powley   Retired (Oakville, ON)

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