Let us help you go from stressed out to THRIVING!

How the NSM Stress Management Program Works

We know that no two teams are the same. Each team we work with has a unique dynamic and that is reflected in our approach to mentoring your team. While certain elements of our program remain the same (because we know they work!), each team we work with receives customized training and ongoing personalized support throughout their program.

Here are some components of our training plan that could work well for your team:

A business team receiving stress management training onboarding



We start with a discussion about your unique business and team needs.

NSM then builds a customized training program specifically for the needs of your team.

We consider details like:

  • Common work place and lifestyle stressors
  • The individual differences of team members
  • The resources that are available to you and your team
  • Leadership support and commitment

Understanding your team's dynamics is a crucial step to providing you with a stress-management program that works and lasts.



Next, we connect with each team member to begin to understand them on a personal basis. 

Each team members completes a pre-training overall stress marker assessment (completely confidential) that helps us get a pulse on the wellness landscape of your team.

Then, we begin weekly interactive training sessions! 

During these sessions we address topics that are at the heart of our everyday experiences:

  • Stress management and resilience
  • Vitality and motivation
  • Decision-making and conflict management
  • Relationships and communication
  • Overall health and wellbeing
  • We approach conquering stress with a science-backed approach that considers The 5 Pillars of Health as outlined by the Institute of Functional Medicine. We spend a lot of time addressing the stress pillar, but lasting change considers how elements of our lifestyles like rest, nutrition, and relationship factor in as well. 

    Corporate manager having a virtual meeting with a stress management coach



    The core of our training program focuses on creating lasting behavioural change.

    We know that making changes to our behaviour feels daunting and, at times, pretty impossible. 

    That’s where the NSM Accountability Portal comes into play. As we progress through our training, each team member will receive daily support, accountability, and 1-on-1 private communication with Cathy via the accountability portal. 

    The purpose of this portal is to provide compassionate guidance as team members face their own unique challenges to create the habits we know will stay with them long after our training ends. 

    We encourage you to take advantage of our mentorship and immerse yourself in this experience to make the most of your training (and kiss your stress goodbye!). 



    We end our training similar to the way we started it: with a post-training reassessment. Each team member will receive an assessment to measure their individual improvements.

    This allows us to evaluate and celebrate your team's success together! 

    We also provide an aggregate analysis and report to your leadership team with a personalized plan for ongoing success.

    These assets are a valuable resource for your team and organization. We hope that you'll keep coming back to them to continue enjoying the benefits of your NSM training long into the future.



    Connect with Cathy to find a solution for your team!