Wellness in a Patch!

An easy, drug-free solution for everything from sleep, stress, pain to focus, better immunity and other life-enhancing benefits!

The Vibrotactile Technology changes everything...

The technology inside the Super Patch has uniquely arranged ridges that look like a QR code.  When these ridges touch your skin, your cells transmit unique signals that interact with your body’s nervous system.

Sending Messages To Your Brain

Every physical, emotional and mental function in your body has a specific neuro-code. The Super Patch patterns are like QR codes and when the ridges in the pattern touch your skin, they send messages to your brain.

Your Nervous System Delivers The Message

Those messages are sent through your nervous system. Each patch has a unique code with a unique message that ultimately helps your body know how to optimize the related processes...drug-free!

Your Body Responds

Your brain and nervous system decode the message immediately, and waterfall of wellness responses happen that are specific to the patch you selected.

How To Wear The Tech

Open your Super Patch Pack and take out one patch

Carefully peel off the patch from it's protective sheet.

Stick it on your body and start enjoying the benefits instantly!

Backed by Research. Proven by Science.

Improving Sleep and Quality of Life after Use of a Haptic Vibrotactile Trigger

Haptic Vibrotactile Trigger Technology – Disrupting the Neuromatrix to Reduce Pain Severity and Interference

Plantar Neuro-Receptor Activation & Improving Overall Function and Decreasing Pain in TKA – RCT Study

Improvement in Balance and Stability

Improvement in Athletic Performance

Pain Reduction - Diabetic Neuropathy

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